Monday, November 28, 2011

Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa

Minimalist shoes are all the rage in the running community and the lighter the better. Vibram is known for their amazing soles and they are featured on some of the best footwear geared toward the military. They may have faced a set back when their FiveFingers design for their own branded footwear was given the boot by the US Army simply for its aesthetic. However, we can certainly see their latest addition for 2012 being a hit for 2012 with other service members  and those in the LEO Community who can get away with the "toe shoe" look for PT.  

Runner's World provided an overview in the video below and highlight that the Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa are to weigh in at under 5 ounces for comparison sake. We have been looking to a move for a more minimalist shoe in our running pursuits, but the latest versions we have been checking out simply are not in stock in "Sasquatch" sizing. 

These toe huggers may be a bit extreme for a transition, but at well under half a pound, they definitely could be worth a work out. We just don't where they can take it next, are we to expect dishing out $100+ for a a few small rubber patches to slap on our heel, forefoot, and toe pads. Perhaps giving away such an innovative design is not to savvy of us. In all seriousness Vibram has taken it to the next level and we are sure many shoe manufacturers are scratching there heads as to why they didn't think of it first. 

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