Monday, November 7, 2011

US Army Looking to Lighten Gunner's Load

Photo by Eric Kowal, RDECOM
In a move that could lighten the total load carried by the current SAW Gunner up to 25%, the Army has reported that they are putting the new LMG through the paces with a side by side comparison of the current M249.

The video below shows the drills that took place at Picatinny Arsenal as soldiers put the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies program to task in testing out their new LMG against the SAW.

As a continual push is underway to provide soldiers with lighter equipment, the net sum loss of the overall burden can certainly be focused on weaponry, especially when the SAW weighs in at 17.5 pounds unloaded.

The in-roads explained by the soldiers with their experience in carrying the new LMG are certainly promising. Hopefully this charge is taken to task with a final swap, especially considering the years and funds spent on development. 

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