Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teach Your Children Well: DIY Knife Build

Oh wasted youth. Just to think if my kind mother had the forethought to hunt down or create a build your own knife kit, so that I could have the ground work to be the next Chis Reeves or Ken Onion. Luckily the people at Think Geek can see the value in such an ability and have a starter kit for the younguns to have their own DIY Wooden Knife kit.

DIY Wooden Knife

The Soft wood knife has a folder design and does not require tools for assembly. So, perhaps it is not showing the more technical skills for knife craftsmanship, but it certainly shows the key components and how they integrate to make the knife a working tool. 

DIY Knife Parts
The starter blade has a Columbia River Knife and Tool logo, which can definitely prove useful as your child grows and wants to pick up a real deal blade for their birthday. A simple CRKT folder certainly won't break the bank and is certainly a great alternative to a $100+ Benchmade. Plus, they do make some of the best values on the market.

To get them going on a potential parental early retirement plan, you can have them crafting their first blade for just $9.99 by ordering the DIY Wooden Knife online at

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