Friday, November 4, 2011

Tank: Mil-Spec iPhone 4S Case

Case-Mate is rolling out their "Tank" military grade case for the iPhone 4 and the just released 4S. Having more durable protection along with a hardcore aesthetic seems to be very popular with the Apple fan boys, whether they utilize it for real world military operations or throwing their phone across the room when pops cuts the video game budget after a report card fail. 

Case-Mate Tank for iPhone 4/4S

While the Tank definitely appears to protect your iPhone from multiple field hazards including the impossible to avoid punter. However, we don't see a waterproof test which has been covered as a key feature of similar cases.

We do like the slider window for added screen protection, but this would just be one more thing to remember to do when putting your phone down. Knowing how often one can check email or other updates in a day, this could certainly get monotonous or simply forgotten all together. I don't plan on dropping a bucket of wrenches on my phone on a regular basis, but one may get the urge after dishing out $60 for this case.

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  1. that's Gr8! but how about a gps & xtra battery with solar panel...