Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A-TACS FG Revealed

We find it befitting that the A-TACS FG camouflage pattern is making it field shot debut only 2 months from SHOT Show 2012. It has been nearly 2 years since A-TACS made its first major debut in field shots, and just over a year since it was released that Propper would be teaming up with Digital Concealment Systems to release an ACU cut uniform in the original Advanced Tactical Concealment System pattern.

A-TACS FG Pattern
Here is a close up field shot including some products in the new camouflage pattern. In addition to the Danner Bots and  Nylon Gear with a  drop leg platform, grenade pouch, sling and BCS Plate Carrier Cumber, you can also see military clothing options such as the Boonie Hat and Propper ACU in A-TACS FG.

A-TACS FG in the Field
Given the predominance of Forested areas around the United States, we are sure there are plenty that will have preference for the "Foliage Green" variant. Most importantly it will be a better fit for those in the law enforcement tactical community along with military personnel that find the A-TACS FG to be a more suitable camouflage  for their area of operation.

Since, we first started offering products in the original A-TACS AU (current arid / urban pattern) , we have had plenty of calls and emails asking about a woodland style color scheme for the same pattern.

With the launch of A-TACS FG it is quite exciting to have an easy response to those looking for a temperate colorway, but also an entirely new innovative pattern. The new variant focuses in on the environment for which it is intended including several shades of green and utilizes a "pattern within a pattern" technique to easily conceal while in dense foliage by adding depth.

The technique utilized fits in with their original design by incorporating micro-pattern that combine to form a macro pattern this combined with shadowing creates a 3-D effect when viewed by the human eye.

We think many of the current manufacturers that licensed the original A-TACS AU will agree and carry over their products with the new camouflage as well. What will be most interesting is too see how many other tactical gear and military apparel manufacturers will be intrigued by the ability to offer both A-TACS Camouflage variants and jump on board in licensees further expanding the product selection for the patterns. 

A-TACS Foliage Green 

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