Monday, November 14, 2011

SOD Gear Tactical Pant

SOD Gear Stealth Pants ADP in HCS 
The new Stealth Pants ADP definitely struck us as an advanced design that you would seen geared toward tactical teams, but it  the Italian military apparel manufacturer notes that they produced their new concept in conjunction with a Mountain Corps from the Italian Army. 

Obviously military clothing can and does serve a dual purpose for law enforcement agencies and many look to companies like SOD Gear to develop features with the military in mind, but function perfectly for their own needs. Having the mountaineering focus, these pants certainly tie in with how tactical pants got their start in the first place.

With its multitude of pockets and protective features including soft knee pad inserts, the Stealth ADP pants fall in line with many of the top line tactical pants now on the market. However, SOD Gear has much sleeker low profile pocket designs and attention to detail when it comes to much needed reinforcement. All points that are fraught with blowouts on your typical pants are reinforced with Cordura Nylon along with full patches of the material at the lower inside leg and the kneepad pockets.

SOD Gear points out that all of the pockets were designed so that you can easily gain access when wearing a climbing harness. They also feature a lateral zip at the thigh for venting and YKK zips at the ankle with a metal snap closure. The pants also include snap close tool/flashlight pocket above the knee on each leg.

The Stealth Pants ADP are available in HCS (Hybrid Coyote Sage) and Nero (Black). The listed price is 199 Euro, which works out to around $275 at current rates, so these are definitely some of the highest premium pants on the market. This high cost could only be rationalized by the innovative design as well as  their promises of a high response elasticised fabric that maintains a constant temperature and extremely durable.

SOD Gear will soon be releasing a matching jacket coming soon, and we will definitely be on the look at to give a full report on the full uniform. View full details, ordering information, and additional photos of the Stealth Pants at:

SOD Gear Stealth Pants ADP HCS

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