Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ROX Better Camo Field Shots

We had touched on the camouflage designer Jon Knox and his company Better Camo earlier in the year. He gave us a great inside look from a up and comer, while he attended the U.S. Army's Camouflage Improvement Industry Day. Well, Better Camo is still making improvements to their designs and Mr. Knox has shared with us some of his latest fabric field shots of the ROX Camouflage Pattern. 

Better Camo ROX (Urban/Rocky Terrain)
The Better Camo ROX variant is meant for an environment with extremely rocky terrain or the concrete urban jungles. The above shot fits in well with the latter. Mr. Knox notes that the shapes and textures of the patterns have been carefully chosen to reflect the shapes and distribution of environmental elements from their intended areas of use, in both the visible and Near InfraRed (NIR) spectra.

Better Camo ROX NIR

The pattern incorporate a prominent macropattern primarily designed to break up the human shape. It's blended discreetly into the pattern, yet is consistent enough and so far distinctive enough that it secondarily functions for IFF (Identifying Friend from Foe) purposes. The above near IR photo gives you a quick comparison with a day shot of the same ROX camouflage. 

Below is a another urban shot of ROX camo from a greater distance. The pattern had great emphasis on  barren gray-predominant arid areas, and mountains above the treeline. The pattern features primarily rectangular elements at varying scales, and some vertical green vegetation elements, once again to increase variance in usage. 

This ROX pattern was initially developed along with ATX, which is the Better Camo Arid Variant and utilized data gathered from a 2010 cross-country excursion through the Southwestern US specifically for that purpose. You can definitely see the subtleties that went into the design of the pattern to incorporate different elements of the intended environment. 

ROX Urban Field Shot
Better Camo is continually perfecting the art of camouflage design and we thank Mr. Knox for sharing these photos with us. He has certainly helped us over time with his wealth of knowledge on the subject even if it meant correcting us from time to time.

Camouflage development can be a harrowing task with a lot of trial and error. Going from initial concept to finished product and still have an effective solution for concealment. Better Camo follows the principle that every environment is different, with different environment-specific visual elements. Simply re-coloring the same pattern isn't as effective as developing each for each terrain specifically. We look forward to their next leaps in innovation and you can follow along with their new developments on Face Book at the Better Camo page. 

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