Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rothco Canvas Bag Catalog

The vast wholesale catalog offered up by Rothco is a seemingly endless supply of military focused products ranging from BDU Uniforms to Bayonets. Flipping through their full color catalog for 2012 is a feat in itself given its bulky dispatch of nearly 300 pages and countless product designs. One page alone covers four different suspender designs.  

When it comes to packs and bags Rothco has every shape, size, and design to carry just about any item you can think of from an iPAD to a full tool kit. They have so, many types that they created a whole separate catalog simply for Canvas bags alone, which still includes over 5 dozen designs. 

Clearly they like to offer variety. We provided the full color Canvas Collection catalog below in Scribd format. You won't find any of the Nylon options here. Guess it is back to the drawing board for the guys at Rothco for a Nylon and Leather exclusive bag catalog. Don't worry, they can easily fit in at least 7 pages for that one.  You can view these and their vast line of other gear and apparel at
Rothco Canvas Bag Catalog

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