Thursday, November 10, 2011

Officer Discretion: Retired Deputy Vs. Traffic Stop

This dash cam footage shows what can transpire when a veteran law enforcement officer is pulled over for a regular traffic stop and doesn't follow the rules of the game.It is a long video with most of the action taking place right off the bat. You can skip to 8:40 on the video to hear some commentary between the Retired officer and the female officer next on the scene. Finally after another break you can see the ultimate outcome for the day at minute 27.

Interestingly it is reported by PoliceOne that the officer making the stop was later fired, but other acts of force during traffic stops is noted as an extenuating circumstance for why he was let go. It is also noted that the deputy relieved of his badge later one a $200,000 court case fighting the termination. 

Perhaps the State of Oregon was the ultimate loser in this battle, but it would be interesting to hear what other officers think of a situation like this. Obviously better discretion could have saved a lot of trouble for both of these deputies. 

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