Saturday, November 12, 2011

NeverWet Hydrophobic Coating

Many people have come to us asking how they can treat their non-water proof clothing, so that they can get the same results as those  products that are impermeable to liquids, but with a design that simply doesn't meet their needs. Typically the first retort is, "I can always Scotch Guard it". But this is certainly fraught with some obvious complications. 

There are a few aftermarket products that can provide this protection, but when we came across this Never Wet product from Ross Technologies, we were quite impressed with the possibilities. While we will take the video at face value, the shoe and shirt test are certainly striking in proving the effectiveness of their product. Lets just hope it is not all smoke and mirrors and we can buy a bottle of the stuff to spray on everything. You never know what you may need for your next rafting adventure. 

1 comment:

  1. Due out in first quarter of 2012. Nothing yet. Wonder if there are any technical problems causing it's delay to the market. Wonder about durability and toxicity.