Saturday, November 19, 2011

MultiCam Camouflage Paintball Jersey by SPECOPS Sponsored Team

We came across this gem yesterday and we might have been quite concerned to be on the defense given the team logo shown here. It turns out Foki is the Polish word for "SEALS" which are the team's mascot. I guess you could say We Will "Seal" You is a tad less imposing than the English play on words. Either way they certainly have some of the more original Paintball clothing and with SPECOPS backing them, you know they are going to bring their a-game when it comes to their attire.

MultiCam Paintball Jersey "Team FOKI"
MultiCam is utilized by Polish forces in Afghanistan and is just one of the camouflage patterns utilized by SPECOPS for their Military Combat Uniforms. They are currently gearing up to  have their MBS-1 Uniforms manufactured with the Hyde Definition's  PenCott family of camouflage patterns. They also offer MBS-! uniforms in the Polish WZ. 93 (Pantera) camouflage.

On another note if you hail from Italy, you can now find a wide variety of SPECOPS tactical gear through their Italian Distributor Clearly they are making in-roads for international distribution and it will be interesting to see how wide reaching they can spread their innovative military uniform and equipment. 

MultiCam Paint Ball Jersey Rear
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