Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marine Wearing MultiCam Ghillie Suit

Here are some great photos of Marines at the Scout Sniper Basic Course at Camp Barret in Quantico, Virginia using MultiCam Base Ghillie Suits during exercises. In this shot the Marine is constructing the ultimate concealment with painstaking slow additions of vegetation.

The headdress is quite impress but quite essential in breaking up the form of the spherical human skull. The MultiCam Camouflage pattern definitely blends in with the vegetation seen here and clearly it was selected over the Woodland MARPAT camo for a reason.

We venture to guess that the Marines are not selecting the camouflage to merely match up with their Army and Air Force counterparts in Afghanistan. It is explained that the Marine in the shot below is planning his stalk exercise, where he must move 600 yards. They have the time to move just over 3 yards per minute to complete traverse the course undetected.

Photos by Lance Cpl. Ramos
Marine Scout Snipers cover both recon as well as shooting duties at times and camouflage is at the utmost importance for survival in inhospitable combat zones. Of course a bigger part of camouflage is how you use it, rather than just what you wear for concealment. 

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