Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hoodie by SORD USA

Tan Hoodie by SORD USA
This lightweight soft shell couldn't have made it to the warehouse any sooner. SORD has proven their designs for outerwear as seen with the Smock and Hardface Jacket and the new Hoodie they have released is no exception. The simplest of features allow for great versatility depending on your needed circumstances.

Temperatures are on the dip countrywide and we were even trading in the shorts in Phoenix this week. Hoodies are a favorite here as they provide all around protection throughout the day and are easily converted depending on the time of day and what you are doing. We have seen how a couple of the features can double for multi-purpose use. 

The Concealed Carry movement has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years and no where is that more felt than in Arizona, where you no longer even need a permit for the practice. Pistons have shrunk to minuscule proportions and holsters have been better equipped for safety and quicker access along with your discrete concealment. 

SORD Hoodie CCW Feature
We don't know if SORD had these exact thoughts in mind but some of their product shots definitely show how well this hoodie works for CCW. Side Zips allow for quick holster access at the hip. This also doubles for great ventilation as temperatures rise out in the afternoon sun or if you are accustomed to an active outdoor lifestyle. The other key distinction is the ample sized Kangaroo pocket at the chest for quick access to a map, food bars, field book, or anything concealable item that your heart desires.  

The hood has elastic retention with a zip at the collar for additional custom venting and two front pockets for keeping your hands warm. Tactical Fanboy first highlighed the SORD Hoodie's appearance at the National Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference, which is a very appropriate forum this hoodie. With the already mentioned CCW tie ins, you also have hook and loop sleeve closures for a custom professional fit. 

We are now offering the Hoodie by SORD USA at for $129.99 with a selection of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. It is currently only available in Tan, but we will add the Black selection once it is in stock. 

Hoodie Kangaroo Pouch

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