Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gunway: Social Media for Firearms

Oh the gun forum. You will find all kinds of Ladies and Gents to chat it up about any topic from what is the funniest Tacticool Getup you last saw at the range to more serious topics like who is the biggest jag off on Top Shot this year.

In all seriousness the social networks for those practicing their 2nd Amendment rights are a strong force in promoting the latest weaponry, accessories, proper use, love of guns, and an endless feed of resources. Also in reality most visitors to the forums are down to earth kind-hearted people.

For the most part if you have seen one forum format, you have seen them all, but this is where Gunway comes in to play. Starting on November 1st they have opened their community to all comers. Their major goal is to grow the firearm and outdoor community. Currently the major content is focused on one of two aspects, the first being "People", which can include an individual, retailer, manufacturer, trainer, outfitter, range, shooting or hunting club, or other form of organization. The key element here is sharing what you are all about and putting out information about your continual exciting exploits along with media to prove your tall tales. 

The other key factor is "Questions". Everyone knows when you go to a gun forum, there is nothing better than asking a seemingly harmless question only to be flamed into oblivion about your ignorance or perhaps getting helpful advice. After all in the first circumstance you should have already known the answer. At least at Gunway it seems people are fairly helpful and for the most part there is a real name and in many cases face behind the "answers". Unlike in the forum case where "ColdDeadHand" is  on a rampage because his cat died earlier in the week and someone must feel the wrath of his glock knowledge prowess. 

We are sure you are thinking at this point, "Isn't this some derivative of Facebook"? Well, pretty much, as you can see from the photo here, there are a lot of similarities if not blatant copies.

We can remember when Facebook first started there were many naysayers saying it was just another Myspace, but look who is king of the mountain now. 

Of course, there is one key differential here. Gunway has a very focused niche and they all are packing, so perhaps you may want to tread carefully before spouting off your ever ending love for Facebook. 

We think there is plenty of room for both and with the very focused market you may just find yourself spending more time at one rather than the other. If you do find yourself wondering where to share the latest photos of your groundbreaking AR15 configuration, or perhaps you need an expert opinion or at least vague drunken recollection of anything firearm related go check out the new network at You can find us on board as Be sure to follow us as we become acquainted to the neighborhood. 

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