Monday, November 21, 2011

Go Ruck Tactical Ballcap

These hats are a dime a dozen these days and many gear manufacturer's seem to be churning out. The GR TAC focuses in on function for their design and squeeze about as much juice as they can from this head wear. 

GR TAC Tactical Ball Cap

The vented sections on the sides of the cap, which help radiate heat way from the head and allow any airflow to come in and cool your noggin. In addition to your typical loop at the front of the cap to affix a US Flag  or Other Patches, they also put some velcro under the brim for light attachments or a place holder for you patch when not displayed out front.

The Go Ruck manufactured the GR TAC with 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon with Mil-Spec mesh for the vented sections along with a cotton sweat band. It is a one size fits all with a velcro band, unless of course your head is to big to fit inside normal hats. They note that the Nylon is un-coated to improve breathability.

GR TAC - Look Under Brim
Overall we like the thought put into the design and at $35, some may consider it a bit pricey. As with their other gear, black is your only choice so this could be limiting. However, the added function and high grade materials could definitely allow for a premium compared to your standard Tactical Ballcap. Plus, It is Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, so you know they built them to last.

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