Sunday, November 13, 2011

GearScout Vertx MultiCam Smock Review

A lot of military clothing manufacturers are putting out their own version of a redux Smock with the MultiCam Camouflage pattern including Drop Zone, SORD USA, and Level Peaks to name a few, with the latter in the British variant Crye MTP pattern. Vertx definitely has an interesting design and GearScout put out a full Video Review on their Smock along with transcript for those that like the book better.

We liked that the reviewer touched on the comparison to the M-65 Field Jacket as well as its use for hunting. It can be tough for hunters to bypass the popular camo brands in the hunting niche, but we certainly lean toward using MultiCam or other military patterns that match up with the intended environment. We have seen the effectiveness and it can certainly serve a dual purpose if you need it in the first place.

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