Thursday, November 24, 2011

Colt Partners with MAGPUL for LE6920MP Rifle

It was announced today that Colt Defense will release their  Law Enforcement Carbine SP6920 with eight standard Magpul Accessories and we want to touch on the key points. This is a first for the pair of companies to team up and release a rifle combining their extremely popular products. Colt's LE6920MP will include a MOE Carbine Stock, Trigger Guard, Verticle Grip and Guard, MOE-K Hand Grip, Rear Gen 2 MBUS, as well as two 30-round PMAGS.

We think the combination definitely can have synergy if the end product is as cost effective or better than if the end user had swapped out the components on their own. Of course their handiwork in providing this standard to the gun case can certainly provide convenience. Varying colors will also be available for those that like to mix it up.  

LE6920MP with MAGPUL Accessories
Ammoland supplied this photo in the release with Flat Dark Earth accessories. The LE6920MP will also be provided with the MAGPUL's OD Green Color as well as a unique option with the Black accessories, but a Green Colt Receiver. We look forward to future partnerships like this. Sure it is fun to customize your DIY build, but these guys certainly see the demand for a simplified process of bringing their products together for direct to the consumer instant gratification. Of course it will also help those big LEO departments who want a simplified supply chain purchasing process, which can we are sure all parties involved will appreciate. 

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