Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bourque Armor Defeats Six 7.62X51 Rounds

It was announced yesterday that the Terminator Level III Armor Plates utilizing the Kryon Alloy from Bourque Industries demonstrated the best protection ever during NIJ Testing. Market Watch noted that this is the first time in history that this type of armor was able to take on six 7.62X51 FMJ Nato rounds and still maintain acceptable standards of deformation.

The Oregon Ballistics Lab also shot the plates in a rear facing manner, with the armor maintaining the same integrity. We guess you don't need the "this side up" instructions on this armor. They note that in 30-90 days the plates will be available for purchase by law enforcement using federal funding. The ability to protect against high powered rifle rounds is not the only selling point for the Bourque Terminator Level III Armor Plates. They are also lighter than comparable options on the market and get stronger with each impact as the alloy comprising of carbon nanotubes hardens from impact shock. 

Bourque Industries has released a video demo of their armor taking a pounding from multiple rounds. They also have a version with a more hardcore soundtrack, but how can you pass up these sultry sounds combined with ballistic impact.

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