Thursday, November 10, 2011

Australian Defence Force Orders More Defender M

TenCate put out a press release today stating that the ADF has put in another order to fulfill 10,000 uniforms for "trial" in Afghanistan. We had covered back in late September how the media in Australia had run with stories of the new Crye Precision Combat Pants being utilized by their soldiers had been failing in the field. They pointed fingers at where the uniforms were made and other possible failings, but Crye Precision clearly noted in an interview with Kitup! that they utilized the FR fabric requested, which was one of the culprits.

Around the same time as the Aussie media's tirade we touched on the improvements being made by the US Army in the type of Defender M Fabric utilized for the Army Combat Pant. This included a move to a twill weave and larger yarn. They also upgraded the ACU material so that it was 50% stronger than the previous fabric used. 

Photo by: Commonwealth of Australia, 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, PO Damian Pawlenko
It is noted in today's release, put out by Marketwire, that the "improved" Defender M FR fabric utilized in the new uniforms for the Australian troops will be the same as that recently chosen by the US Army for all FR ACU's.

Hopefully, the new Crye Uniforms for Australian troops has addressed the problem at hand with this material used and will hold up in combat conditions and won't need further media scrutiny. It was great to see the ADF choose MultiCam camouflage for its high standard of concealment in Afghanistan. Now they have continued with the right decision to continue with a high quality FR fabric that provides the needed protection for Afghanistan along with increased durability. 

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