Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ALTA Shock Guard D30 Knee Protector Inserts

D30 technology fits in perfectly with tactical protection products as it allows free mobility while at the same time tough protection when needed. The material utilized is free flowing when moving but hardens up upon impact and disperses any energy forced upon it, then returns to a flexible state.

It makes perfect sense that a company like ALTA Industries known around the world for their elbow and knee pads would team up with a company producing a shock absorption system that would still provide ultimate mobility. ALTA has previously utilized the D3O technology in their Superflex Impact Protection knee and Flex elbow pads, which incorporated the material in small disk form inserted into a sleeve behind the main cap of the pad.  However, now they are incorporating the shock absorption to a much grander scale with full knee pads that insert into the knee pouches of combat uniform or tactical pants. 

We think this is a great introduction from ALTA Industries for their first uniform Knee Protector inserts. They will have a Standard Shock Guard Insert with a target MSRP price of $29.99 and a Hard Shell Version for $52.99, which integrates a highly flexible Hytrel Rubber that is co-molded to the D30 Material. The Shock Guard Knee Protector Uniform Inserts are expected to be available through authorized dealers later this month. 

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