Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tactical Concealment Sniper Apparel in A-TACS

Mosquito A-TACS Cobra
We had reported on the Mamba Suit about a month ago which was utilized by ZY Toys on a 1/6 scale Sniper action figure utilizing the MultiCam Camouflage. 

The Sniper apparel by Tactical Concealment Manufacturing Corp. is not produced with toys in mind, rather highly skilled military professionals who utilize their designs for the ultimate in covert and obscuring clothing. 

Tactical Concealment has now brought the latest commercial camouflage into their various Sniper clothing systems and are offering A-TACS on their most popular garments. They are yet another local manufacturer for the Phoenix area, which is increasingly teeming with military gear manufacturers. 

A big advance for the innovator in Sniper apparel was to now have mosquito netting available in the A-TACS pattern. This allows them to integrate the material in to their Mosquito A-TACS Cobra design as shown here. It is also used in their Mosquito A-TACS Viper hood. 

Of course Tactical Concealment cannot leave out their most distinct design. The Mamba Suit is also available in A-TACS as seen below, which they consider the Best ghillie suit base on the market. Orders for all apparel in A-TACS as well as Sniper supplies and ghillie jute or foliage kits can be placed at

A-TACS Mamba Suit
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