Saturday, October 1, 2011

Satellite Communications Suitcase Portable Receive Suite

Windmill International's Satcom Systems group has received an order from USSOCOM for their KA-SPRS. The communications equipment will allow operators to connect into military Ka-Band and Worldwide Global SATCOM Satellites with varying levels of security encryption. 

The Suite comes complete with a Receive Terminal shown here with Afghanistan focused MultiCam Camoulfage Skirt and Cover on a tripod base for versatile positioning. The other major equipment included is the Receive Broadcast Manager, which is the Laptop PC and corresponding components. 
Suitcase Portable Receive Suite

The total system weighs in at 31 pounds when in its hand carry case and is built for use in a rugged AOR that is not suitable for conventional bulky communications systems. They claim a ready to use time of 5 minutes straight from the case. This will allow Special Operations to promptly respond to action on the ground along with developing information coming from command or surveillance. 

The system can be utilized to connect into UAV imaging with immediate views for any area of interest. The carry case includes a MultiCam cover and accessory pouch. The batter life on the unit will cover operations for up to 4 hours. When this is not enough for remote locations, a supplemental Solar Power Power Accessory Kit is available with a MultiCam carrying case for extended battery life. 

This appears to be a great overall system and pound for pound may be the best portable SATCOM equipment out there for its given mission. It will be interesting to see what alternative competing models come on the scene for the same purposes. 

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