Monday, October 17, 2011

Patriot36 Shows How the EFFIN-A Comp Works

We passed off the EFFIN-A Compensator from Ares Armor to Master Rifleman Patriot36, so he could put it through is own independent assessment and let the general public know what he thought. Not only did he cover the ins and outs, but he also gave some great information on how to properly tune the compensator to gain ultimate functionality from your rifle. He also covers topics on why you would want to stack multiple comps and steps you would need to take from switching from one rifle to another. 

To start with his desktop review is a primer on the product from un-packaging to putting it to use. It also covers offsite testing and adjustments. Finally we get to the rocking and rolling where they show the actual "shooting impressions" and empty a lot of mags to show the differentiation from a fresh from the prescription bottle comp to a fine tuned rifle.

Special thanks to Patriot36 and the time taken to properly test the EFFIN-A Compensator to give the in-depth assessment provided.  The videos here show how you can easily combat muzzle climb allow by redirecting gas dispersion from your rifle to allow for an immediate return to precise firing position. 

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