Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nutnfancy Reviews TAG Plate Carrier

We haven't seen too many Nylon Gear reviews lately from this long winded youtube reviewer, so we were excited to see him cover Tactical Assault Gears LBE option Plate Carrier. Everyone that has seen a Nutnfancy knows that he goes through the extensive ins and outs for any product he covers and at great length. 

TAG was one of the first gear manufacturers to pick up the A-TACS camouflage and has some of the best selling plate carriers in the latest pattern They also carry a lot of their their gear in MultiCam, Digital Tiger Stripe (ABU), and UCP (ACU), among other standard solid tactical colors. With a 20+ minute review Nutnfancy has you covered for all specs and details.  He also throws in coverage of pouches and holsters that he wears in conjunction with the Plate Carrier as well comparisons to other brands.

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