Sunday, October 30, 2011

Natick Amps Up US Army MREs

Ahhh the beauty of the Meal, Ready to Eat. With the non-flame heating of its ZestoTherm chemical reaction, you can have a warm meal in about 10 minutes without the need for a stove. The variety of options meet the needs of the pickiest eater and most are quite palatable. 

Having lugged a dozen real eggs for 12 miles into the Grand Canyon only to be upstaged in a taste test with the MRE Omelet. One can say that the Army research chefs have reached a level of quality to keep the soldiers well fed with a tasty selection. However, it must be pointed out that fresh cheese was not utilized in the "real egg" creation from the tiny pan utilized on a camp stove, which would be a more appropriate comparison of cooking prowess. 

Photo by US Army Rob Schuette
Of course we also didn't have a research and development team to help in providing a lightweight meal solution for our hiking troupe. The guys at the Natick Soldier RD&E Center do have a sizable budget to create the next best sortable meals that will provide troops with the ultimate in sustenance and energy while in some of the more inhospitable regions of the world. 

The Washington Post has reported that the next step for their edible creations, is to integrate more supplements into the meals to provide quick energy sources. Tactical Jerky has been a popular choice among troops and Natick is taking it to the next level by adding caffeine. The post reports this product will be similar to a Slim Jim with the amount of caffeine provided by a cup of coffee. They will also be adding complex carbohydrates to the applesauce to add additional calories along with a "Turbo Boost". It also is noted that they are creating a goo, which can provide for an easy quick digesting means for instant energy production. 

It is good to hear that a continual improvement is taking place on combat meals, so that soldiers have the best possible meal choices when traditional cooking implements are not available. In the meantime coffee at our camp will stay in a stove top peculator and we will keep the dried meats decaffeinated. Plus, there will be a means for cheese transportation in order to provide a proper omelet test subject. 

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