Monday, October 17, 2011

MultiCam Bike Frame Bag by Hill People Gear

Hill People Gear Bike Frame Bag
We were really impressed when we saw Hill People Gear developed their Tarahumara Pack as a hydration pack in combination with their Kit pack, which you could easily carry your pistol discretely and other essentials while out running. 

Having gear that meets a very specific purpose while keeping it light weight and user friendly is very valuable in a market where a lot of multi-use bags leave much to be desired from a more minimalist approach. 

While whipping up a Bike repair kit for their personal use, we see they have stuck to their guns in creating a low profile design that covers just the necessary requirements for packing the gear needed. 

They note that the Bike Frame Bag was designed to simply hold a fork and tire pump. It is less than one foot long only 2 inches wide and 3 inches at its greatest depth. It turns out they could also fit in a spare tube, bike tool, and some chain lube. As much as their Tarahumara pack is runner-centricm name included, this kit is just what a biker needs for some piece of mind when on a day ride or for immediate access when on longer trips. 

The Bike Frame Bag is connected to the frame with one strap at the front and two at the top along with a cinch strap to keep things nice and tight when bouncing around on a trail. You have easy access with a front zip opening and the bag is manufactured with a durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and seen here in the MultiCam Camouflage, which should really garner some double takes in the biking community. 

As you can see in the top view, the bag takes up very little space and more importantly it is what you don't see in the bottom shot that makes this impressive. Its low profile design practically makes this bag non-existent with little width. Combined with the secure fit and limited heft it doesn't swing around when the bike is in movement which otherwise would get in the the way of the rider's legs. 

For the time being this was just a personal product that Hill People Gear felt should be seen by their customer base and friends. We hope it garners enough interest to become a full production run for the gear design company. Go check out the full story at Hill People Gear Projects and if you are a biker that would like one of your own, just let them know. The more interest they seen in the product, the more likely this is to become a reality for a wide scale offering. 

Bike Frame Bag Top View
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