Monday, October 24, 2011

Küat Innovations Bottle Lock

Küat Bottle Lock
We like gear that makes your life easy and that provide multi-functional properties. Küat Innovations out of middle America Springfield, Missouri have created encompassed both these qualities with their Bottle Lock. 

The Bottle Lock is very discrete with its simplistic bike water bottle appearance that fits conveniently in to your bottle holster. In reality it is 5 feet of 8mm Braided Steel Cable that securely locks your bike to any reliable bike rack or post. The cord is long enough to lock both wheels and the frame. It also features a hidden compartment in the bottom of the bottle to keep the 2 keys provided for the lock, house keys, cash, or whatever you can jam in there.

They clearly see the glee in knowing their product can clearly be mistaken as an unassuming water bottle as they state in their promotion of the product: "We can just imagine the look of anticipation on the would-be thief’s face as he approaches your bike, thinking to himself, “Score!  A free bike & a free  water bottle to quench my thirst!” Perhaps they should visit a close University and keep tabs on a bike rack to catch some perps' reactions to their innovation. 

The Bottle Lock weights in at under a pound and  is now available at their online store for $34 and is available in pink, white, and black as seen here. Küat Innovations offers and is best known for their wide variety of high quality bike racks in addition to their deceiving bike security system. 

Bike Bottle Lock

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