Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gear Up for the Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Memorial
Photo by US Marine Corps
Tomorrow will be the 36th running of one of the top 5 largest marathons in the US. Starting in Virginia near Arlington Cemetery and running across the Potomac into D.C. before the 5th mile, this has to be one of the most scenic marathon in terms of viewing memorials to the history of our nation.

The grand finale is a mile dash around the Pentagon followed by a somber sprint along the edge of the most honored cemeteries laying over a quarter million servicemen and women to rest. The final steps of the arduous journey fittingly ends at the Marine Corps Memorial. 

While it is easy to be envious of the attack on the senses that such an event can bring, we can certainly be happy to not be facing the weather coming upon the onlookers and runners as lows in the area are destined to drop below freezing with the wind chill even while the first runners take off. We thought this would be a great opportunity to point out how layering can help get you through winter out door workouts, weather it be shoveling snow or braving the streets to keep up your training. 

It may be too late to outfit yourself in the latest options for tomorrow's cold weather but, this certainly can act as a reminder of what you may already have on hand or what you should go out and snag for the cool snap ahead. Below is a great video from Runner's World at the OR Winter Market showing off some of the top layers now available. This will cover you for your top layers along with the New Balance Wind Brief to keep the nether regions warm.

We could care less what fancy brands are covered, but as long as you follow the intuition involved with the need for each layer and find a manufacturer with similar quality materials to maintain the integrity of your overall system.

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