Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fear Gear Brings Dust to Fabric

There are many great camouflage designers out there today that can whip up some fanciful designs, but it can take a lot of hard work to get your pattern down on cloth and be happy with the end product. The application of of camouflage on fabric is a science and the end results can be sloppy and look horrendous compared to the true aesthetic of the original concept. FEAR Gear has done just that and we applaud their dedication to the craft. 

We have covered the FEAR GEAR Modular Camouflage system as well as their Dust colorway just on paper. The sample of fabric shown below is printed with is camo pattern, which is their Desert/Arid Variant. When comparing to our previous posts you can see that it translated very well to the more functional medium for use in uniforms. 

FEAR GEAR DUST Arid/Desert Camouflage
Here is a Hong Kong Urban shot with a swath of the Dust Camouflage Fabric in its intended environment, not the Chinese administrative region in particular, but you get the point. FEAR GEAR has some more solid plans in the work with a couple different uniform projects utilizing the camouflaged fabric with the Dust colorway. They also have plenty of other colorways to further develop in the same manner, so we are excited to see things move full circle for them. We will report back with new imagery as it becomes available.

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