Friday, October 14, 2011

Darn Tough Lands USMC Boot Sock Contract

Darn Tough Boot Socks
For a small state Vermont churns out many Enterprises with extremely High Quality Products. From Cabot Cheese and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to Revision Eyewear and Darn Tough Socks. Anyone who has tried their Merino Wool socks knows they are a cut above the rest. The impervious Merino wool socks provide amazing comfort along with function in the maximum support to your feet without faltering in extreme conditions. 

Now Darn Tough will be put to the ultimate test as they push to fulfill a 450,000 sock order to meet the needs of the United States Marine Corps bringing the company a $3 Million windfall. This is nothing new for the ultimate warmth sock manufacturer as they have had moderate sized contracts in the past to fulfill the needs of the military with their tactical foot cover. 

The US Army has their own sock manufactured by the company known as Model 14021 Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion which is part of the Fire Resistant Equipment Ensemble, which is distributed by ADS Tactical Inc. The Merino Wool is Flame Resistant, Antimicrobial, and Moisture Wicking straight off the sheep, so the natural warming fiber is perfect for such fabrics. 

Having utilized them through miles of running we know they hold up much better than your typical sock by maintaining its close knitting and resisting stretch to maintain cushioning and support. VermontBIZ reports that this contract is also supported in their partnership with ADS Tactical and will deliver 4 pairs of their Extreme Cold Merino Wool Boot Socks to each Marine. Clearly this is a boon for the work force of Vermont and great companies like Darn Tough Vermont are leading the way in showing why Berry Complaint manufacturing supports our nation as a whole. 

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