Monday, October 17, 2011

Chief of Naval Operations Wearing NWUIII

We thought this was a great shot of Admiral Greenert wearing the Navy Working Uniform Type III, which in combination with the NWU Type II are the newer tactical uniforms designed use in combat for  expeditionary sailors. While at this angle the Chief of Navel Operations name tape rings clearly true compared to the bright blue NWU I, the Woodland Digital AOR2 Pattern seen here will be warn stateside as well as abroad where indicated by the combatant commander.

The Desert Digital version camouflage AOR1 in conjunction with the NWUII not seen here is meant for Special Warfare Operators and supporting sailors. This four-color option is completely replace the 3-color Desert Camouflage Uniform by the Summer of 2012.

Rear Admiral Faller is wearing the NWUI, which remain the service utility uniform for all sailors. The two admirals are aboard the USS John C. Stennis prior to shifting the Nimitz class aircraft carrier's support from Operation New Dawn in Iraq to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. 

Photo by US Navy MSC 2nd Class Wayman

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