Saturday, October 8, 2011

Camouflage Kicks: Mundane to Bizarro

It keeps getting worse as the camouflage fashion craze broadens. The Online Magazine Complex covered their 10 "Best" Camouflage Sneakers and clearly took liberties with the word for greatest. We would hate to see what was turned down. We provided a quick glimpse at the extreme example.

Two thirds of our front office are running a marathon tomorrow, so footwear has been at the forefront of our thoughts lately. Don't get us wrong, camouflage footwear certainly has its place, but the selection seen here is quite laughable. The Chuck Taylor's may work for some, especially when it comes to nostalgia, but what is the point for some of these odd jobs. Guess it takes all kinds. 

Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Wings "Camo"

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