Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bradford Printing and Finishing Back in Business

We had reported back in the Summer how the oldest BDU manufacturer had to temporarily close due to damaged caused by a flood and ensuing financial problems caused by this among other economic issues related to the defense textile industry at large.

Apparently their Federal Disaster Grant has come through along with other work share arrangements through the state of Rhode Island and they have now brought back employees to continue operations today. It is great news for those that had to be laid off and can now get back to work in this horrible economy.

While a reported slow down in Defense demand for military fabrics can be a big problem, we are sure it doesn't help that the Air Force is picking up MultiCam pattern in Afghanistan. Bradford holds the rights for the ABU's Digital Tiger Stripe and another textile manufacturer has exclusive rights for producing the newer OEF specific pattern.

This is also welcome news to our friends over at Roggenwolf who staked their hopes for the Army Camouflage Improvement Effort submission on Bradford's ability to produce fabric with their Tiwaz Family of Camouflage if their patterns are selected after testing.

We have provided the full local news report below for your viewing pleasure. 

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