Saturday, October 15, 2011

BOLO Report Brings the LEO Community Scoop

If you are looking for the latest hot topics, product reviews, and controversy in the Law Enforcement Community, then you have to check out "The BOLO Report" Providing important as well as original content is the goal of this team of product evaluatpors with a focus on Law Enforcement, Military, and General Tactical themes. 

Their staff is a mix of experts, trainers, SWAT, Patrol and Narcotics, as well as private military contractors. This experience combined with all but one of the members having prior military experience, they have a versatile knowledge to cover a wide range of topics. Lately we have seen them cover wide ranging stories from the latest holster offered by Safariland to unfortunate lessons learned from improperly handing traffic stops.

There are plenty of sites out there covering humdrum daily affairs, but if you are interested in the targeted information in which they report, be sure to follow them at The BOLO Report. You can also keep up to date with their latest stories by giving them a "Like" on their Facebook page.

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