Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best Ranger Competition Series Episode 1 Released

The 28th Annual Best Ranger Competition was held in the Spring of 2011 with just 32 of the 50 teams completing the challenge. The Competition is held each year with participants being the elite athletes of the Army squaring off both mentally and physically. Mission First Tactical was one of the sponsors producing coverage for a video series of the multiple events that the two-man team's had to endure over the course of the 3 Day Event. They ran the course themselves and filmed the entire experience. 

Here is first episode with a brief introduction followed by the initial buddy run event. We can understand how a 5K run is not much for many superb athletes such as these men, but not knowing how far you are actually running is definitely a much bigger psychological test for winning any foot race. Pacing yourself while not knowing when to kick it into gear for a win can be quite challenging. 

You can follow the full coverage while it rolls out at: Best Ranger 2011

Mission First Tactical will also be posting new episodes as the become available on their Facebook Page. So be sure to go "Like" them to keep track of when new footage is available for viewing. 

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