Friday, October 28, 2011

Backcountry Boiler Review

Having just come back from a trip down into the Grand Canyon, we found this innovative design to be quite intriguing as a lightweight vessel to hold water and at the same time heat it with limited fuel sources. Obviously Boilerwerks is not trying to replace a stove with their product, but it can certainly make for a great alternative for those that don't want to lug around a separate container of liquid fuel whose containers are quite bulky, a stove, or additional cooking vessels.

Some of our traveling companions has the "luxury" of MREs for heated meals, but we relied on stove combined with some lightweight pans and separate food containers. A lot of time was spent boiling water for coffee and basic foods that needed to be hydrated such as pasta, and rice. Have now seen this, it would be a perfect solution to combine many of these bulky supplies into one and just bring along some dehydrated foods and small light weight hexamine fuel tablets in case kindling is scarce.

The design reminded us a lot of the charcoal chimney design, which gives you very quick results in getting your charcoal white hot with a simple paper fuel source. As with anything we could see that a few pre-hike tests would be needed to get the proper technique to make sure you are not out in the middle of nowhere and not getting a proper temperature to sufficiently boil your water.

Given its light weight at just over a half pound and minimal fuel source required, this would be perfect to throw in a Bug Out Bag or keep in a pack that you have handy for overnight treks. Backpacker Magazine has one of the more recent reviews which covers all the basics as shown in the video below. 

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