Thursday, October 13, 2011

2012 US Army PEO Soldier Solutions Portfolio

If you missed the developments of the latest military clothing, footwear, gloves, eyewear, weapons and accessories, communications, parachute, and all necessary other individual equipment systems you could think of coming out of the Army Acquisition Agency Project Executive Office Soldier, then you can get caught up with their full Fiscal Year 2012 Portfolio Titled "Soldier Evolution / Soldier Solutions". 

This guide gives you a thorough overview of where the US Army is at on each system or individual component whether it be past information, present use, or future developments. All aspects are covered whether it be the new Army Combat Pant, Soldier Plate Carrier System, Generation II Helmet Sensor, XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle. You can also see for many of items which contractors are utilized to produce the end product. 

It is great to see a full color presentation with quick online browsing capability. We provided a SCRIBD version below for easy scrolling. A online flip page version is available at: PEO Soldier FY2012 Portfolio

FY2012 PEO Soldier Portfolio

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