Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ZY Toys MultiCam Sniper Action Figure

The Tactical Concealment Manufacturing Corp has some of the most innovative sniper suits in the industry. Their Mamba suit is top notch as a ghillie base and allows the operator to customize with jute, netting, grass, and other vegetation. 

ZY Toys Sniper Set (MultiCam)

ZY Toys out of Shanghai, China picked up on the attention to detail utilized in the Mamba Suit's design and built on it with a 1/6th Scale Action figure combining essential tactical gear with Multicam Camouflage in miniature. The full set includes a Gun Bag, MOLLE Recon Vest Ben Nepal Cap, Black T-Shirt, OPS Wrist watch protector, GPS, Pistol Magazine, Hydration Carrier, 4X4 SUV GP Pouch, TAD Gear OP1 Pouch, MLCS Double Pistol Mag Pouch, MLCS Double M4 Mag Pouch, and the Mamba Suit with Jute.

ZY Toys MultiCam Sniper Set

The Sniper Mamba Suit is is designed to break human form from head to this tiny soldier shoes the meticulous work that can go into what are essentially replicate models rather than simple toys. We provide the actual product photo of the Tactical Concealment. Mamba Suit at the bottom of the post for comparison. 

Given the true to life form, you are also paying a decent price for the quality at $80 MSRP. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the $750+ cost for the real suit without any added tactical gear. Pre-Ordered 1/6th scale figures in the MultiCam Sniper Set are due for delivery in November and can be purchased at Man of Action Figures. 

Actual Tactical Concealment Mamba Suit in MultiCam

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