Sunday, September 25, 2011

U.S. Army Combat Clothing Upgrades

It was reported today that the Army's Camouflage Improvement Effort is still on track with the camouflage contenders being selected by the end of the month.

This means that within a weeks time the top three commercial camouflage designs will be determine in order to compete with two government family of patterns against baselines options already in use by our country's military branches. 

The Army Times also went into detail on other time lines in respect to head to toe military clothing improvements. With all the hub bub concerning FR Army Combat Uniforms tearing during operations, it is good to hear when the new options will come into use. 

The Australian Diggers reported similar incidents with their new Crye Precision MultiCam Combat Uniforms tearing, and the Aussie media  threw out a few news reports with local Politicians proclaiming that this would have not been an issue if Australian companies were manufacturing the product. Even blaming Mexican production as a possible cause. I guess some of the coverage can be taken with a grain of salt when they use titles like Exposed Diggers Fight a Holey War...
Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan with Three Camouflage Patterns
Photo by Petty Officer Pawlenko, Commonwealth of Australia
Crye Precision notes that all of their gear is made in America and with American made materials, so this Mexican bit is laughable. The Lenzing FR fiber makes up the majority of the Defender M Fabric and is produced in Austria. So, politicians looking to point fingers at different figures in Defense about their choices in product selection may need to rethink their approach in placing blame.

Earlier this week we had contacted TenCate, which makes the Defender M fabric used in production of the Flame Resistant ACU and they noted that continual improvements are being made. A larger yarn and twill weave were to adjustments made to improve the durability of their material to be used in the new Army Combat Pant. Army Times reiterates the point of a twill replacement for a Ripstop weave in regards to the OCP ACU being used in Afghanistan only and will start being deployed toward the end of Winter in 2012.

Other time line figures shown include the new hot weather Mountain Boot coming out around the same time as the Improved Army Combat Pant and new camouflage pattern(s) to be utilized by October of next year.

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