Monday, September 12, 2011

UK Osprey Body Armor Put to Test

It is always great to see that the equipment deployed to troops in the field actually perform to expected standards under combat conditions. The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence reported today that their Osprey Body Armor, which is in its latest Mark 4 Configuration with Multi-terrain Pattern Camouflage, was put to the ultimate combat test when it withstood two rounds fired by insurgents. 
Crown Copyright MOD 2011
It is noted that the soldier from 4 Scots shown here was shot once in the chest and again in the shoulder strap. Another soldier deflected a bullet with a knee pad and one gave his ballistic boxers a try out when a bullet hit his pelvic protection and was further slowed by the armor undies. 

Sometimes the equipment provided to military personnel can get a bad wrap from many different angles including the troops themselves, but we are sure moments like these just go to show how the intentions are well worth the lives saved. Sure improvements can be made, but this always go with observation along with some properly thinking individuals running a systems whose ultimate goal is superior protection for all. 

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