Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swiss Novatiq to Launch SCORP UGV Robot

Newcomer to the Unmanned Vehicle manufacturing industry, Novatiq has presented us with their first ground vehicle simply named SCORP. The Swiss are certainly known for their engineering prowess, so it will be interesting to see if they can deliver in terms of military focused robotics. We have provided their full release and some images below. 

It will be interesting to see how the bot works out in the field compared to other options on the market. They have a very competitive price at under $14K USD and a light weight at under 7 lbs, but the true test will come with its ability to function and hold up through the rigors of combat. Durability will be a magor factor in putting this new ground robot through the rounds. 

NOVATIQ® will shortly be launching SCORP  – the ultimate reconnaissance robot – onto the global defence market.

The Swiss firm Novatiq®, a new player in the world of defence robotics (UGVs), will be introducing its SCORP reconnaissance robot by the end of 2011. SCORP is the first product to be developed by this privately-owned company based in Switzerland. 

The door to a new era in tactical equipment is opening thanks to SCORP technology, a product which provides a guaranteed optimal solution. 

“After 15 months of R&D, our technology means that we can guarantee breathtaking performance on large-scale applications for clients such as special units, response teams, bomb disposal teams and armies,” states Novatiq® CEO Jean-Charles Monnin.

The SCORP solution pushes the application envelope and considerably broadens purchase options, opening up new perspectives to all users on missions. The real innovation is in this product’s affordability which places it at the top of the international rankings, and enables it to be classed as a low-cost product. Developed in collaboration with key players who are end-users on the ground, this robot differs thanks to its ease of use and its ‘field technology’.

SCORP is a small, portable reconnaissance robot, that is both dust and waterproof and can be transported in a backpack, boasting day/night panoramic vision with a battery life of 2-3 hours which can be more than doubled thanks to an external battery. Its ultraportable control unit enables it to be deployed inside buildings or in hostile environments for reconnaissance or surveillance missions. Thanks to its low weight of just 3kg, its modular build enables users to employ a wide range of payloads (robotic  arm, biochemical detector, thermal imaging, long-range transmission, fibre-optic communication, pan/tilt camera with zoom, etc.)

SCORP Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Communications Department
Chemin de la Croix 24
CH-1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

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