Monday, September 19, 2011

Survival Preparedness: Preventative Strike on Rabies

From the first viewing of Old Yeller it is apparent that you do not want to because a victim of a rabid pig bite. Perhaps it is a sign of the times or a realization of our own aging, but it turns out that the U.S. Army needs to bring out the awareness for the wild animal rabies threat or hydrophoby as we liked to call it in the 20th century.

We provided their U.S. Army graphic below which clearly equates Foxes + Bits on the top of your hand = Brain Inflammation. Perhaps I have the timeline reversed from the flow of this illustration, but the corresponding literature supports prompt notice to your chain of command when finding wild animals roaming freely and to report if you are scratched or bitten by said beasts. 

On a serious note, the Army does have a point in regards to service members taking in strays when abroad, however one wonders if this is not a first strike against a possible zombie epidemic from an errant strain.  Rabies is one of the most zombie associated viruses of record given the violent uncontrollable actions of the infected victims. You also have the added link from Brain inflammation and propensity of wild animals to bite, which causes further spread of the disease. 

One can only wonder what may happen if mutation leads to disastrous consequences for the world. That is of course if you don't get the 50 shots to the belly which is required to fight the virus, or is it 30, anyway that is a lot of injections if you shudder at the mere prospect of having blood taken. If anything this should teach you to avoid petting foxes. 

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