Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star VMAX Motorcycle in A-TACS Camouflage

Atlanta Hydro Imaging out of Cumming, Georgia has presented us with their latest project which includes outfitting their customer's 2009 VMAX Bike fenders, top cover, and side covers with a camouflage pattern. Star is a US Brand for Yamaha Motor Corporation and the VMAX Motorcycle is  their high end muscle cruiser bike. 

Dante Donati who is the sales director of the Water Transfer Printing company was initially presented with the request of a digital camouflage pattern similar to what you find used by current U.S. Military forces. However, Mr. Donati suggested that A-TACS camouflage is more forgiving of curves and the organic pixels stretch much better in comparison to more boxy pixels.

After a quick photo shop side by side, the customer exclaimed, "Hell yeah I want it! Sweet! Dude, that is absolutely stinking awesome! I definitely want it! It appears that Atlanta Hydro Imaging's expertise in the business has shined through on the finished project. We have provided their shots of the final product below.
VMAX Bike Top Cover in A-TACS
VMAX Front Fender in A-TACS

Atlanta Hydro Imaging has finishes for all types of products. In addition to dozens of camouflage patterns, you can have your equipment, guns, and gear covered with carbon fiber, wood grain, animal prints, and more. 

VMAX Motorcycle Side Covers in A-TACS Camouflage
VMAX Rear Fender in A-TACS Camo
View full details and custom pricing at Atlanta Hydro Imaging We will  be covering the final photo shot once the Motorcyle is completed with all components in the A-TACS Camouflage added. 

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