Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PenCott Badlands VS. Crye MultiCam

SPECOPS shared some more of their shots from when they took their new MBS-1 Uniforms  with PenCott Camouflage out into the field. This particular shot caught our eye as you can see the "model" in the photo wearing a MultiCam Coat along with PenCott Badlands Pants. 

These are both transitional camouflage patterns for their respective designers and the photo is taken in a brush land which one of the more relevant environment for comparison sake. This is of course just one relatively up close shot and doesn't give an scientific approach in comparing the two options, but who needs science when you end up with an ACU using a Universal Camouflage Pattern anyway. 

Here is another photo with the Badlands Colorway, of the PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage in another transitional environment, but with far less vegetation in the back drop. This time you have a matching top and bottom for the uniform. MultiCam and PenCott Camouflage are just a few of the  options that SPECOPS utilizes on their Uniforms. They have also produced Combat Uniforms featuring Polish Pantera WZ. 93 and the Roggenwolf Warg  family of camouflage patterns. 

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  1. How many times do you think they washed that multicam shirt in the cheapest most optical whitener-filled detergent they could find? 100 times? More?

  2. Now I see why there are never any comments on this site. No one is allowed to comment, apparently.