Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Simplified A-TACS Plate Carriers from BCS

Many operators may want the full scale and all around protection with added space that Beez Combat Systems offers in the Plate Carrier Cumber that we covered before the summer.  However, with different working conditions, BCS has easily adapted their Plate Carrier selection to included more slimmed down versions that offer less protection in different areas, but meet the needs of those tacticians who want a lighter weight and less cumbersome (no pun intended) approach to their vests.   
A-TACS BCS Low-Profile Plate Carrier

What their BCS Plate Carrier Low-Profile and Plate Carrier MOLLE reduces in side protection, make up with added breathability at the flanks and affordability. Both new options follow the same design concepts as the BCS Plate Carrier Cumber, but lack the cummerbund and the Low-Profile option drops the MOLLE webbing and ports completely for very basic, but effective protection at the front and rear. Plus, the standard option without shoulder pads comes in at $75 with the A-TACS camouflage upgrade. You would be hard pressed to find anything more affordable with the same function. You can also customize and at shoulder and waist padding at additional cost for a more comfortable wear. 

BCS likes to give you options. With built in pockets, and standardized padding or plate pockets, you cannot make a piece of equipment your own assuming that the mass produced plate carriers cannot be easily modified. It comes equipped with standard webbing at the front and rear as well as the ports for wire and tubing You can add additional padding, which also increases your MOLLE capability with more webbing at the waist and increased routing options at the shoulder. This particular vest has a base price of $95 with the A-TACS camouflage option. 

BCS Plate Carrier MOLLE in A-TACS
What we really like about the different tactical equipment that BCS offers is the variety of options. Unlike many of the new manufacturers, your range of selections is quite broad. You can still obtain their products with the ACU/UCP camouflage in addition to the newer MultiCam and A-TACS camo. You also have a long list of tactical colors including Black, Coyote, OD and Ranger Green, as well as Khaki. So not only are they up today with their choices, but they still keep the popular colorways at hand when in need.

BCS has seen a lot of interest and orders from the LEO and Military community at large, so we will be excited to see where they go next with their low key but intuitive approach at manufacturing the gear that is needed at a great value.

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