Friday, September 23, 2011

MultiCam Magnum V-Lite Intrepid HPi

We hardly ever cover  shoes so it happened by chance that we have back to back coverage on some of the latest trail kicks on the scene. The British Army Rumour Service had a great review on the latest creation from Magnum and we must say it looks like a winner in our book. 

It is noted that they weigh in at only 2/3rd of a pound, which is if you are looking for another stealthy speedy selection with the MultiCam camouflage to compete against the typical dayglow options on the footwear market. You have to like the speed lacing for the quick in/out action. Plus, they have all those Vibram lovers covered with the brands hi-tech soles. 

For the time being you can look but not touch. Just another option out of reach for immediate gratification. The Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Pro HPi, which these are based on run up to $135 all they way to size 14 US on the UK Market. Perhaps the exchange will improve by the time they make it stateside. If you want to know if the proof is in the pudding, check out the full ARRSE Review

Magnum V-Lite Intrepid HPi in MultiCam

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