Monday, September 5, 2011

Historic Moments in the World of Pants

Ever wonder why Afghan men or many Arabs still wear that man dress? We greatly take pants for granted in this day and age. With the many advancements in design and added comforts, one can become amiss to all our ancestors went through to bring great pants to their current form and functionality. 

Here in Phoenix we opt for shorts most of the year, since it is quite the norm and hell of a lot more comfortable, especially when temps hit 110+ degree heat. It is still right around 90 degrees in the morning, so it is sweat can start to flow right as you walk out the door at 7am. 

Perhaps a free flowing kilt or man dress would make for a more comfortable day out in the sun. However, we are not headed of to a comic convention and our rugged good looks bring all the attention we need. 

Manufacturing tactical pants has become a science of who can provide the best material and design for comfort and durability along with features that allow for ultimate function. While looking back the intricacies of picking the best pocket alignment and gusseting the crotch just right, may seem silly, but it all comes with the evolution of clothing to fit with the needed activities of today's modern human. Cultural norms and what is expected as proper dress for professionals shape what we can wear without being shunned by society at large or in our workplace.

The online magazine Cracked magazine has a great look pack to put things into perspective and show how lucky we are to have come this far in the development of pants. Check out their article 5 Ways the Invention of Pants Shaped the Modern World and see a humorous but historical view on what pants have meant for many over the years and the different jumping points in their development. It certainly made us wonder why some cultures' men including many in Asia still haven't caught on to the great support and protection pants can provide. Perhaps they know something that we don't or they just need some revolutionary change to provide them with the impetus to put on some damn pants already. 

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