Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guns and Guitars Do Mix

Gibson is one of the premier names in guitar manufacturing. Rock legends swear by their six string innovations both for design and ultimately great function. Ammoland had great coverage from John Knox from the Firearms Coalition on a recent raid from Fish and Wildlife Services. 

At first we wondered, what the hell does a Guitar have to do with environmental protect. Well as with many rifles and guns, one of the major components of its manufacturing is wood. Endagered trees are protected much like dwindling animal species and they are questioning Gibson's import policies on purchasing wood products that are legally sourced.

The ultimate connection Ammoland's article is trying to make is that the federal government is overstepping its bounds by seizing wood products and guitars from Gibson much like it does in overzealous seizures from weapons manufacturers. Gibson has extended the proper paperwork they have produced in what they say are up and up operations, while the Fish and Wildlife Services pushed the issue with an additional raid. 

The interesting connection between two products within completely different functions, but equally adoring fans shows the various methods of drawing attention to an issue from many different vantage points. Many people love guns and guitars and even better is combining the two in an unholy matrimony that only Ted Nugent should be officiating. We would certainly want to be invited to the reception.

Is this a stretch? Perhaps? However, it sure beats drawing a tangent between a shotgun stock and something more mundane like an custom imported foot stool. Shock appeal can have its upside and this is certainly not a piece that they are trying to shove down your throat. Is the federal government out to get you? Maybe. But isn't that just part of the appeal for some of those drawn in by the rhetoric. 

What is not explained in the article is why Uncle Sam has it out for Gibson Guitars. They do have a guitar named after the Nuge and Gibson were his go to six string, so is the other connection going on behind the scenes? Sure it can be an overriding theme of a federal nanny service, but it seems this combination makes for a broader spectrum of interests. Especially when you have great imagery to go along with your article!

Read the Full Article at Guitars, Guns and Federal Excesses.

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