Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gitman Bros. MultiCam Suit Jacket

Gitman Vintage Camouflage Jacket
Military industry bigwigs may now have a new go to suit with the latest camouflage jacket and button down shirt from the Gitman Vintage line. Each piece is manufactured with a summer weight 100% cotton printed herringbone twill fabric and are due for shipment at the end of September. 

Five sizes are available starting with Extra Small up to Extra Large and they note that it is true to fit sizing. The set of MultiCam Jacket and Shirt come complete for $645 sans trousers. Looks like you will need to match it out with your own style of dress pants to complete the suit. 

We don't know who exactly Gitman Bros. is targeting for their new Camouflage Jacket and Shirt option. Perhaps, they are going after some Generals to adopt a new formal uniform policy when at an FOB in Afghanistan. 

You can pre-order your very own snazzy MultiCam Camouflage Suit Jacket Exclusively online at Gitman Vintage. Just imagine the Surprise when you show up to the next wedding in this number. We don't think you will go unseen. 

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