Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bourque Industries: Kryon Armor Order Up!

In what has been a work in progress for 10 years in the making, John M. Bourque has made his first major sell of his Terminator III Armor Plates, which are manufactured with is relatively lightweight Kryon Metal alloy. 

The founder of Bourque industries must consider this a big load off his back after a recent push over the years to get his product the proper ballistic testing and prove that his armor not only provides the ultimate protection but also relieves the Law Enforcement Officers and Military servicemen of comparably bulky plates. 

The business wire has noted that the Collier County, Florida Sheriff's Department SWAT Team is the first customer and their chief is certain that the Terminator III Plates will provide the needed protection despite the fact that testing has not been completed by the National Institute of Justice. 

The Kryon Alloy has been provide in testing through impacts on various armor plates as well as a ballistic helmet made with the metal. Results have shown that the armor can resist any penetration from high powered rifle rounds and avoids fragmentation upon impact. We wish them well as another Arizona business in the tactical industry at large and will continue to report on their innovations in providing lightweight protective equipment.

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